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How To Use Anticipation As A Powerful Strategy Tool


Insights into anticipated future events or behavior can deliver opportunities. In business, these insights are generally about future buyer demand or how competitors will respond.

These future events take time to develop, and they will not always evolve the way you anticipate them too. But, most often these trends, technologies, regulations, etc are in the open and already underway and visible. They may be ways off, but you have to seek them out, monitor them, and anticipate where they are headed. Otherwise, you could miss a significant opportunity or end up like Blockbuster.

Once you understand the significance of this future change or trend and the timing, you have to find a pivot point that you can leverage to your advantage. Finding this pivot point will take some insight. It could be re-imaging your product or value proposition or your technology or operations or other organizational functions.

Once you have identified your pivot point, you will need to concentrate and focus on specific, limited objectives around that pivot point that will generate the most significant profits. Unless you have unlimited resources, you will have to select and limit yourself to one target,

Is your company using anticipation of future events to build or maintain your market position?

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