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Would You Like To Know The Answer Ahead Of Time?

Will your startup be viable? Will customers want to buy your new product? What is the optimal price point for your new product? These and many other questions can be answered in a matter of days for only a few hundred dollars, and you can even do the research yourself.  

Entrepreneurs usually have to make decisions with little data no history. Think of all the angst you could get rid of and replace it with some real data. Here is a Landing Page research program can give you the answers you need, And you can even do it without a website if you want,

MailChimp has the tools you need (email capture and database, analytics, and templets for the Landing pages) for about $15 per month. You write the copy. If you have a social media following, you can use them or you can buy pay-per-click ads from Google or others with a defined budget of $100 per month. And one month will certainly give you some information. 

The amazing thing about this program is that it is easy to do, provides lots of data for your analysis and decision making… and it is extremely inexpensive to implement. 

Also, you can continue testing one question after another to get the information you need or to optimize a program. Plus, with these low costs and quick turnarounds, you can make a lot of progress in a very short time. 

 Here is How It Works

1 Open a MailChimp account. Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. They have a free account but you will need the $9.99 per month account and the Landing Page module at $4.99 month.

2 Once you have your account, you have an option to use your URL (@company.com) or you can use a URL from MailChimp or you can buy a URL to use for your research.

3 You can then create landing pages which you will use to do your testing. Landing pages are a single web page that appears when someone clicks on your “advertisement” (from Google AdWords, Facebook. Twitter. Or from your content marketing program, or other social media). 

4 MailChimp hs several landing page templets you can use. These templates are easy to use. No coding. Just drag and drop. 

5 When someone comes to the Landing Page and sees your “offer” which could be anything from information, discounts or even get on a waiting list or to purchase something, Obviously, the more compelling the offer, the more sign-ups.

6 When prospects sign up, the information (name and email address) goes into your “audience file” at MailChimp. You will get data and analytics also which you can use for evaluation.

7 Also, you can set up an automatic response page welcoming everyone. You decide what to say on the response page,

And finally, in today’s market, you need to continuously improve your product or service so your company and its product stay viable over the long term.

There you have it. Get answers to specific questions in a matter of days and at a cost of only a few hundred dollars. 

What answers would you like to get in the next 30 days?