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Ranking Jobs, Pains and Gains

Before beginning, consider the following three modifiers:

First, by ranking groups (segments), you still have to remember that individual preferences will vary substantially. Second, determine and rank which jobs are important and worth spending time investigating. Third, find out which pains are the most extreme (the must-have vs. the nice to have). Once you get in the field and begin talking to your prospects, you will modify your ranking,s and keep modifying them until you get a clear picture of your prospect’s priorities.

Begin by selecting a specific segment and ranking their pains and gains. Don’t mix segments or groups, including job types (see the previous article). Also, in your analysis, remember that these potential customers may have other ways of getting their job done in addition to your solution.

Also, your analysis should result in many pains and gains, which you will have to prioritize and be as specific in describing these pains and gains as possible. Even use metrics if possible. If the customer needs to get the job done faster, how much quicker, why that pain exists, and what would be the gains if it completed more quickly. Cover both sides of the coin. It would help if you also asked why this pain or gain is significant versus a different benefit or pain. That may help you understand the intensity ( a 1 or a 10) of this specific pain or gain. This article was quite short, but it will take your time and attention to get this information, and the information is critical.



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