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In Our Video World, Whiteboard Animation Is Growing Rapidly


The vast majority of modern whiteboard animations are created automatically using computer software, eliminating the need for manual drawings. It has now become a widely popular format for online marketing contents distributed mainly on YouTube and social media. People use whiteboard animation videos for various purposes including business presentation, how-to-use instructions, and of course online marketing to explain what the product/service is, how it works, and why it solves the problem for the prospect.

One of the biggest advantages of whiteboard animated videos is its budget-friendly production, at least when compared to traditional videos. The main elements are the script and animation, which will then combined into one digital file, animated, and timed.

Despite the absence of real-life objects, whiteboard animation is still categorized as videos as far as digital marketing is concerned. Now that YouTube is a dominant platform – to the point where it is considered a search engine of its own – it only makes sense for online marketers to maximize the use of videos in their strategies. Cisco predicted that by 2022, video contents will comprise 82% of all IP traffic at both consumer and business levels, and global video traffic will grow four-fold from 2017.

Video Whiteboards Keep The Viewer Engaged From Beginning until the End

Video has always been the most powerful format to deliver online content. People are more attracted to the dynamics of the combination of audio and visual treatments than to texts or images only. Viewers are more engaged and they receive or remember the information better because videos are usually more direct and conversational in nature.

A common style of whiteboard animation is comic-strip. It is a familiar visual format; therefore viewers unconsciously exert much less effort to relate to every object shown. The simplicity and vivid visual progression of whiteboard animation, where information is delivered in a logical drawing sequence, also help make viewers voluntarily more engaged and attentive. The wasteful wandering of attention is minimized, making it an effective content delivery format.

Very Affordable Production

Cost depends largely on quality, but it is safe to say that whiteboard animation is much less expensive than conventional videos. There is no need to hire actors because the characters are drawn (by human or software), the audio can be added later with voice-over, and everything can be done on the computer so you don’t have to build any set or background.

Using our Staff-On-Demand (our global freelancers) you can get a finished explainer video in color for a small fraction of the normal studio charge.