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Do you want to make the right decision or be right? 


When you are working in a startup, decision making is difficult because there are so many unknowns. And you can’t get enough information to decide in a reasonable time frame.

Often, others will disagree wholly or partially with the founder’s “facts.” However, unless we are talking about physical objects, “facts” are simply one person or one group’s aggregated opinions. That implies there can be many different facts about the same fact,  

However, some founders believe that every decision they make must be right. But what is more important than being right, is making the right decision. You can only do that if you believe you are fallible. 

If your decision doesn’t work out, admit it. You can quickly change course and think about why you made that decision. Study your decision-making process. Learn from it. That’s how you gain the knowledge that will help you when it’s time to make the next decision.

 If you know someone who has to always be right, only send this to them anonymously. 

Jim Zitek/ https://harborcapitalgroupinc.com