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Why Create A Whiteboard Animated Video

Whiteboard animation is a fantastic way to introduce your company, brands, and products to the audience at large. It is less expensive than conventional videos yet more effective to keep viewers attentive and engaged. Production is also easier because the animation is almost entirely made on computers; the characters are drawn and the narration (voice-over) can be added later approaching the final production step.

If your goal is to find the best format to deliver your message, online video is certainly the best format to deliver your message. People are more attracted to multimedia content and inclined to share them on their social circles as well, especially when the video provides valuable honest information and answers their problems. Whiteboard animation offers the affordability of every startup’s needs and the promise of ROI by generating more sales.

There are DIY programs available to create whiteboard animation so you can distribute them to your YouTube channel and social media accounts. When it comes to online marketing, however, DIY whiteboard animations will most likely fail due to their poor production quality and the lack of optimization (making sure they fit all platforms).

Although you can create the animation using specialized software to save even more money, hiring a professional video company is always the better option. Now, with our global Staff-on-Demand program, you can get a professional whiteboard animation created at a fraction of the cost charged by most video studios. You can also get a fixed cost based on your requirements.  In addition, you also get:


The most obvious advantage is quality. They have all the talent and the tools to produce high-quality whiteboard animation and offer their expertise for the entire process. Since you intend to use the video as a marketing tool for your business, you want it to be enjoyable, easy to understand, and on point. The video is also a representative of your company, so you should aim for the best possible quality.


Without helps from professionals, you have to handle all the works yourself. Even with pre-made templates available from popular software, it would take hours (if not days) to get the job done. Also, some templates are just too common – they are used by thousands of others – when what you need is something authentic and unique to stand out from the crowd. A professional video company is filled with trained scriptwriters, illustrators, music engineers, animators, and voice-over talents to name a few. In other words, the company can handle the entire production process.  

Online Visibility

You should also make sure the bundled package consists of not only the whiteboard animation video but online visibility optimization. This means the final video is constantly monitored to generate data including views, conversion, and basically whether or not it is effective in many different platforms. Adjustments and optimizations are made accordingly based on the data.