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Six Different Ways To Diagnose Your Problem

Six Different Ways To Diagnose Your Problem


In this article, we want to talk about different ways to diagnosis a problem in our hunt for insight into the solution to the problem. There are several useful approaches one can use. Some are very well known and others may be unfamiliar,

Depending on your problem, you might want to pick one and go through it step by step, or you can choose the one you like. My suggestion is to look at and use all of the parts of each one.

The more information, contrasts, and comparison and patterns, you can get the better your chances of coming up with the perfect insight.

Here is a one-sentence summary of each of the methods you can use to diagnose your problem. We will cover each one in separate, future articles.  

The first one will focus more on analyzing the structure of your industry and developing a strategy of maximizing profits.

The second will look at analyzing a very competitive environment and creating a strategy that helps you create a unique position or even changes the definition of your industry.  

The third and fourth analyses focus on how you can get more creative in your analysis of strategy and innovation.

The fifth is a different way to look at data and information to keep from being overwhelmed with data when you only have to gather the data you need to answer the essential question you need to solve the problem and make a decision.  

The sixth and last diagnosis I want to present is one of my favorites. It is visual thinking. About 40% of people learn better using visual information. This method is problem-solving with a little fun tossed in.

We will begin discussing each of these methods in upcoming, separate articles so we can go deeper into each one of them. However, we need to cover a few additional things first like why do some strategies fail.


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