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Every Presentation Is Mission Critical


Every business presentation that requires a decision is critical and depends on your ability to tell your story. You have one objective, persuading your audience to say yes to your call to action.

Most presentations are not stories they are lists of their product’s features and functions. Most presentations are designed to convey data, not to persuade the audience to grab your opportunity. Also, most presentations are packed with technical information, and jargon they may not understand. That means they have to think. Don’t make them think.

When the audience has to think, they are not paying attention to you, and they will soon lose interest and become irritated. Consequently, your message becomes the casualty.

The focus of your presentation must be on the story. It’s your story that makes the presentation powerful and persuasive. A compelling story will also make you more confident. How many times have you sat through a presentation counting the minutes until the pain would be over?  

According to Jerry Weissman, author and Coach, many presentations commit the following five cardinal sins,

1. No clear point. The audience wonders why they are there. This sin is called the data dump.

2. No audience benefits. The presenter talks about things the audience may not care about.

3. No clear flow. The presenter jumps from topic to topic, and the audience has to try to keep up.

4. Too detailed. Too many facts not relevant and too technical

5. Too long. The audience gives up before the presenter does.

When you commit these sins, you waste everyone’s time, and you miss your opportunity to persuade your audience.

Entrepreneurs are often absorbed in the many issues that have to deal with; they think every tree is necessary when the audience only wants to know about the forest. “They think that for the audience to understand anything, they have to be told everything.” The solution to these problems is to focus on your goal: persuading the audience to go from skeptic to evangelist.


You will be more than happy