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Contents: Strategy

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Pre Strategy

The Critical First Step Toward New Product Success

15 Benefits Of Storytelling In Businesses

Why A Core Story Is Critical To Your Success

What Do You Need To Put Into Your Story To Make It Successful?  

How do you create a core story?



How To Set Your Company Apart From Your Competition

Getting To An Agreed Definition Of The Problem

An alternative way to get the insight you need to create your strategy

Why Your Strategy’s General Policy Is Critical


An alternative diagnosis with an emphasis on creating value vs. competitors

Diagnosis: Understanding your industry structure and it’s competitive forces

Six Different Ways To Diagnose Your Problem

How to use anticipation as a strategy tool



Insights, not data or information lead to better strategic decisions.

An alternative way to get the insight you need to create your strategy


A Quick And Effective Way To Tell Your Story

General Policy and Cohort Action

General Policy and Cohort Action


Win or Fail

Why Do Some Strategies Fail?








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