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A Quick And Effective Way To Tell Your Story

Some people find it hard to come up with an easy way to create a story or get a story started. We usually say to use the three steps of problem, solution, and results or outcomes. Here is another way to get you started. Nick Morgan, author, and coach tells people to use the story formats of famous and well-known stories as your framework, Then explain your story within that framework,

Before you get started, don’t confuse a story with an anecdote, which is more of a description of something that happened. NIck says a story has three parts: a situation, a complication, and a resolution,

You need to tell a story if you want to get someone’s attention and hold their attention until you get to the Call To Action (or as Jerry Weissman would say, to get them from point A to Point B).

You can do that with stories because stories work the way your mind works, Memory depends on attaching emotion to facts, Too many people try to use lists (3 of these, 6 of those) but people have a difficult time remembering those lists. Stories do a much better job.

But if you are having a hard time creating a story, use one of the traditional story frames that have proved themselves over the years, Here are the five frames you can use.

Quest is the most fundamental frame. In this scenario, the hero goes off to achieve a definite goal, but runs into a problem(s), generally finds a mentor, and then throughout the story reaches the target (for example, a new solution to a problem).

The Stranger in a Strange Land is a much different story, The hero finds himself in a strange place where he is unsure of what to do (e.g., maybe a research task without any defined criteria), what the rules are, or even the path forward. But he finds a mentor and finds a solution to something he didn’t know he was looking for in the beginning.

Rags To Riches is the traditional story of stating out with nothing and through hard work and some luck, end up with fame and fortune. Maybe an investor pitch showing the investors how your startup started with nothing and now is at milestone B and is ready to scale.

Revenge is simply about a wrong done to the hero who, through no fault of his own, loses everything/. Then he prepares a plan and sets out to get revenge for the wrong done to him. For example, this could be a public relations story about how a company is getting its reputation back after some false stories about it. This happened to one of our clients years ago.

Love stories are about both love found and love lost. For example, a new great partnership being formed or a partnership is dissolved,

The main point here is that you can use the frame of a story to help you create your own story without having to create a new structure of your own. Also, these are frames that people know and understand from the beginning, which makes your job and their ability to follow your story easier.

Do you have a situation in which one of these frames would make sense as a starting point to create your unique story?



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