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A speaker, presenter, instructor
his entire working life

His topics help management gather, access, evaluate and use the information to find opportunities, solve problems and reduce uncertainty for better decision making. Jim is a walk around,audience-focused speaker who relates to this audience. He is available for keynote speeches, breakout sessions, panels and as a facilitator for smaller working group meetings.

My current Speeches:

How to leverage your strategy to achieve a competitive advantage

You obtain strategic leverage from a mixture of Anticipation, insight into what is most pivotal or critical in

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How technology is changing product-market fit and organic growth 

We have gone from developing products and then owning the factories needed to meet consumers’ needs (I just

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How to become one of the few exceptional entrepreneurs

Having a great idea (product or service) is essential, but knowing how to develop the business to exploit

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Jim Zitek, Short Bio

“Jim Zitek has spent his entire career building ideas, companies and wealth.  He knows what it takes to

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