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Will your startup be viable? Will customers want to buy your new product? What is the optimal price point for
We all make some decisions. Some we celebrate and some we would like to redo. Estimates are that CEOs from
Leadership needs to identify and understand the specific asymmetries between your offer and your competitors' offer. For example, if you
  Insights into anticipated future events or behavior can deliver opportunities. In business, these insights are generally about future buyer
 Encourage visitors who go to your website to signup for your email list and make it easy for them to
Many companies today face a very competitive market and are looking for a way out to break out. When every
What makes a headline go viral? Following are some suggestions from Optinmonster.com People want to share, want to increase the
SnapDeal is an Indian company that is very successful in selling high-transaction products to value-conscious customers. They have been successful
Sarah LaFleur of MM LaFleur knew she had the perfect value proposition. Well designed, quality women’s clothes at affordable prices
SaaS companies are no longer unique, and most of these companies have lots of SaaS competitors with similar services, This

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