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How to turn your startup into a successful business

Being an entrepreneur is exciting, challenging, and if your idea is customer-centered, it can result in exceptional rewards. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs have a great product idea or service opportunity clearly in mind, but they don’t have the critical business information and all the talents needed to transform that idea into a successful business,

Many founders and co-founders start out thinking they will learn what they need to know as they go, but that takes a lot of time and money. Some hire consultants, but consulting costs, from idea to sustainable revenues, can be expensive.

We have a better idea. 

 Why not get the consultant”s advice you need on the internet. You can think of us as an online incubator but at a fraction of the cost, and you don’t have to give up any equity. Plus, help is accessible 24/7. If that makes sense, you are in the right place.

 For a small monthly subscription fee, you can access the information you need to develop your business and stay up to date on our rapidly changing economy and markets. For example, how to define and create a short-term and long-term competitive strategy or how to execute your strategy efficiently and effectively. How to create an evidence-based business model that gets you mindshare and market share or how to achieve and accelerate revenues or how to develop and deliver persuasive presentations to prospects and investors.

Also, the information is easy to understand and put to immediate use.  Each information piece makes a specific point, offers just enough information to substantiate that point, and leaves you thinking about questions and suggestions and how to apply them to your business.

Plus, information is added to the platform continuously, but if you have a question not answered in the current materials, send us an email, and we will get your question answered. 

 This information and development program will make you more effective and efficient. It quickly gets you to the essential questions that need answering. Plus, by being personally involved in the learning and fieldwork behind the answer, you will be prepared to make the changes and decisions required during the development process. You will also be prepared to handle the problematic questions prospects and investors will ask.

Additional Talent, As Needed, That You Can Afford

Also, we know that for most startups, money is hard to come by. That’s why we have a network of global, freelance talent that can help you with almost any task you need. For example, from list development to copywriting, building a website, to audio-visual work, to name a few available talents. Check out our staff-on-demand section. These freelance talents are available at startup prices which are a fraction of traditional costs. 

This program also offers a free, voluntary membership program into our “entrepreneur’s network,” where you can connect with other subscribers to ask and answer questions or tell war stories.

Staying up to date with the economy and markets is also a critical function of developing and maintaining your business. To give you an idea of the way we think, we would like to share our vision of how the business environment has changed and how today, you can get to product-market fit and sustainable revenues. 

 How The Business Environment Has Changed

The industrial revolution was a period of explosive creativity and marvelous technology inventions that everyone needed and wanted — the sewing machine, electric light bulbs, airplanes, the telegraph, etc. Factories were the secret to success.  Product demand was so high, all you had to do was get the buyers’ attention. 

By 1950,  people would lineup for blocks in front of the car dealerships to see the new models. By the 1960s, you could get national attention and a good return on investment with television advertising. But, over time, the volume of advertising messages was getting so loud that getting attention was difficult,

Then The Internet Changed Everything

We had another technology revolution with the invention of the computer, the internet, and the world wide web, and everything changed. The internet allowed companies to reach global communities and at a low cost. Both consumers and businesses took advantage of this powerful tool. In 1992, there were ten websites. Today there are 1.6 billion websites, and 3 billion people online, and the number is multiplying. 

Now, just getting attention has become very difficult and has caused many companies to exaggerate their product and service benefits to the point that messages are losing credibility. Just finding people who want your product (the key today is what buyers want, not need) has become very difficult. All of this has made getting to product-market fit extremely difficult. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an established business or a startup, the major problem today — with some exceptions — is product-market fit. The world has moved from needs to wants.

Today, you need a different approach to product-market fit.

Today, we are witnessing another technology revolution with data mining, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and algorithms, to name a few. Now, companies are taking product-market fit down to the individual level: th\ink Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, and many others. These companies have a daily relationship, one-on-one with their customers.

Also, today many customers no longer want to own things; they want access to (not ownership)  and the outcome the product or service produces (think Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, etc.). And they are buying them on a subscription basis. This attitude goes for industrial products as well. Companies like Catapiller offer their equipment on an outcome basis where they supply the equipment, maintenance, etc. for a specific job or time.

Now, you need to go into the market and find people who have the “belief set” required to be a buyer of your product. Then, build trust before you can turn them into long-term, loyal customers. Once they become customers, they will tell your story to their friends, spreading the word for you, and generating organic growth. That’s one way you know you have product-market fit. 

How will your product or service and company fit into this new economy? Have you thought of modifying or moving to a subscription business model? How are you going to keep up with marketing strategies that reach these new buyers?

Over 40 Years of Experience

We have accumulated the information we share with you by studying the best minds in business development to learn the secrets of their specialized knowledge. Plus over 40 years of working experience with entrepreneurs and seasoned corporate executives to build their businesses, plus several startups of our own.

We are here to help you turn your startup into a successful business. I hope you will join us on your journey to turn your idea into the business you’ve envisioned it to be. 

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