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What Does Customer-Centered Mean?

In today’s world, most people realize that you have to put the customer, not the product first. But, does that mean that you accept everything the customer tells you? NO, 

According to David Stucer, in a Sales & Marketing article, you believe the customer when he is talking about his issues. You do want to pay attention when they tell you their needs when they tell you what’s broken in their lives when they tell why where they are hurting?

The reason a customer comes to you or wants to do business with you is that he wants you to solve his problem. Therefore you have to show him how you can solve his problem or issue. As David would say: “we hear you, we can help you, here is how”.

This is easier said than done, however. You can grasp the problem conceptually but most people have difficulty conceptualizing the solution. Make it easy for them to see how you can solve the problem,

Most often people jump to talking about their company and their product or services. That’s certainly not customer-centric. The customer doesn’t want to hear about your business, he wants to hear about how you are going to solve his problem.  

You  will get a better reception if you focus on how your business can help him improve his business, As David would say, “People are far less concerned with doing business with an awesome company then they are about whether the company can solve their problem”,

What you want to do is consistently tell the story, in every media, about how you solved this problem and that problem related to their problem, market or industry.  

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