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There Are Only A Few Successful Startups. How To Be One Of Them.

Most startups don’t achieve the successful startup goals needed to continue in business. Why? The main reasons given are they couldn’t find product-market fit, couldn’t generate enough revenues, and they ran out of money.

But, It doesn’t have to be like that. No one can guarantee a successful startup, but if you follow the strategies used by successful startups, your chances of success are 9X better.

Now, You Can Build A Successful Business On A Startup’s Budget

Here’s how:

  • Harbor Capital Group’s core-story strategy delivers product-market fit with organic growth and then accelerates revenues.

  • Our internet, information platform takes you through the steps you need to develop your successful startup for a small monthly fee. You can also email us with any questions you have at no additional charge.

  • If you have a problem or issue you would like to discuss, we are available for telephone or Zoom calls. You will only be charged for the minutes you use. You keep complete control over your costs. Think about how much information is discussed in a 10-18 minute TED talk.

  • In addition, we have a freelance program we call “staff-on-demand” which you can access anytime, at startup prices, for projects you can’t do in-house.

The Information, Advice, And Talents You Need To Build A Successful Startup At An Affordable Cost

Following is a very brief explanation of this approach to success.

Where to start

You will learn how to start with a precise definition of the right problem and then how to diagnose the causes and symptoms of that problem in enough depth to gain an insight into the solution. Then, decide exactly where you will focus your resources: time, talent, and money.

Create your core story/strategy

Once this has been decided, successful companies create and articulate their core story which is also their strategy. Your story enables you to explain your value proposition with facts and emotion, and its benefits in a sentence, paragraph, or book. Google is a good example, their core story was that you could access the world’s information with one click.

Embed your story into every aspect of your company

Your story embedded in your business model results in achieving product-market fit quickly and results in organic sales. Walmart is a good example of using its business model to change the definition of a big box store. They made smaller stores in smaller cities one big store by using a truck to go to each store daily to fill inventory. That way they could carry all the items of a KMart big store and have adequate inventory on hand. Today, KMart is out of business.

Turn your marketing into sales messaging

Next, you embed your story into a marketing and sales messaging program designed to sell. Your story can improve your message from features and facts to outcomes and benefits. For example, stop selling just grass seed and start selling greener lawns.

And if your product is technical, use simple language, analogies, and metaphors to sell your product. A good example is when Steve Jobs introduced the iPod that held 5 Gigabits of storage. No one could relate to 5 gigabits, so he held up the iPod and said you can put 1,000 songs in your pocket. That, they understood.

Use your story/strategy to become investment-ready

Successful startups also start immediately to use their story to become “investment-ready.” The first question investors ask is “What’s your story?”

Because your story is your strategy, they are prepared to talk to tell investors what their company does, why they do it, why customers buy from them, and why this company represents an opportunity these investors will not want to miss. They are also able to answer the investor’s intentionally difficult questions and turn the skeptics into believers.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of successful startups?

If you would like to learn more about the secrets of how successful startups are developed. How you can develop your core story/strategy, reach product-market fit quickly, create a business model that supports your story, turn your marketing into a sales machine, and get investment-ready, grab a look at our website. You will be happy you did.

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If you have a question or comment, please get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you.

Jim Zitek /Founder/Harbor Capital Group



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