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How to become one of the few exceptional entrepreneurs

Having a great idea (product or service) is essential, but knowing how to develop the business to exploit that idea is how you turn an idea into a successful business. The focus of this speech is on how exceptional entrepreneurs concentrate on the critical development issues each startup must face, understand, and master.

This program emphasizes why and how successful companies create breakthrough strategies that give them a clear roadmap to achieve their vision, How they design, and validate a business model that leverages their strategy. And how they create stories and presentations that give life to their data and persuasive action to their listeners. 

 Through this program, attendees will:

  • Learn how to identify, diagnose, solve problems and then focus one’s resources to create a long-term competitive advantage    
  • Uncover skills that will  dramatically increase productivity and measure progress  
  • Define, design and validate alternative business models in order to maximize customer value and profits
  • Uncover different ways to generate revenues on a minimal budget
  • Learn how to turn the right data into a story that will turn skeptics into believers
  • Learn how to get the company investment-ready  


How to become one of the few exceptional entrepreneurs will give attendees an overview of the critical elements needed to get to product-market fit, organic revenue growth, and become investment-ready. 

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