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How technology is changing product-market fit and organic growth 

We have gone from developing products and then owning the factories needed to meet consumers’ needs (I just invented the car, need one?) to the internet changing everything (demographics to psychographics and positioning). Now to redesigning business models based on markets made up of individual customers and individual wants (why do people buy expensive bottled water when they can get water for free?).  

This program discusses the changes from a factory economy to a subscription economy (Netflix says, here is what I recommend for you). Plus, how this economy is disrupting everything we are familiar with, including how we do accounting. Today, customers want outcomes, not just a  product (Uber, Airbnb, Caterpillar, even rental clothing). 

Today, companies have to get inside the heads of the consumer. Get Into their mindsets, their biases, and preferences, This requires more technology, better algorithms, and more effort to get to product-Market fit and the organic growth that results from Product-Market fit.

How technology is changing Product-Market Fit and organic growth gives the audience a clear understanding of the direction of our changing economy, markets, and customers. Attendees will be prepared to understand, create and develop their company to achieve, superior results,

Through this program, attendees will:

  • Get a top-down view of our changing economy and how it will impact every business plus where it’s headed
  • See that product-market fit is on its way out, and customer-product fit is on its way in
  • Understand that company valuations are changing from assets and dividends to revenue growth, untaxed profits, and scarce and protected assets 
  • Learn about the new skills, tools and even accounting methods that will be required to compete in this new marketplace  
  • Learn that continuous product/service testing (growth hacking) will be necessary to find and keep customer-product fit
  • Understand the many benefits of subscription business models 

How technology is changing Product-Market Fit and organic growth gives attendees an overview of how things are changing and will continue to evolve. Plus, that new technologies like growth hacking and artificial intelligence will continuously analyze and test these “individual markets.”

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