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How to leverage your strategy to achieve a competitive advantage

You obtain strategic leverage from a mixture of Anticipation, insight into what is most pivotal or critical in a situation, and then a concentrated application of effort. However, you have to remember that a new strategy is a hypothesis, and its implementation is an experiment. You have to learn what works and what doesn’t and adjust your plan accordingly.

Finding critical pivot points and then concentrating your resources on them is the secret of leverage. To achieve this, you must develop the ability to question your judgment.

This presentation reviews the essential elements of strategy, so everyone is talking the same language, and then focuses on ways to leverage that strategy.  We will cover ten ways to leverage strategy and achieve a competitive advantage. Here a few examples of leverages you can use to gain an advantage:

One, Anticipation is where you gain insights into future predictable behavior, usually buyer demand and competitor’s reactions. Think Apple iPad and putting a thousand songs in your pocket,

Two, Proximate leverage is when you have a vision which incorporates many challenging objectives, you must breakdown the concept into shorter-term, proximate goals (think of the first moon landing)

Three. The core of the strategy is Focus. Most companies do not focus on their resources. They pursue multiple goals at once, not concentrating enough resources to achieve a breakthrough in any one of them.

Note: the presentation can highlight all ten leverages or go into depth in one or more depending on the theme of the meeting and time available. 

How to leverage your strategy to achieve a competitive advantage gives attendees a broad overview of different ways they can set their company apart and get an asymmetrical advantage over their competitors.  

Through this program, attendees will:

  • Get a birdseye view and understanding of strategy and why it’s critical to both short- and long-term success 
  • Learn various ways to leverage the company’s strategy to be even more competitive
  • Understand that it is challenging to think about your thinking. When we come up with an idea, we spend most of our time justifying it rather than questioning it.
  • Some problems are too complex to make a quick decision, get alternate views– compare one against the other.
  • Learn to distinguish between what is important and what is actionable


How to leverage your strategy to achieve a competitive advantage gives attendees the information and land leverage ideas the need to create and implement a plan that will give their organization a significant advantage.

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