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Pricing Designed For Entrepreneurs

The Smart Way To Turn Your Startup Into A Successful Business

There are a million things you have to know or find out about in order to develop your company from a startup into a successful company. Unless you are a seasoned entrepreneur, you will have to call a lot of friends and hope you can get the right answer or search for a variety of information sources that will answer your questions. The problem is getting the right answers takes a lot of time and entrepreneurs never have enough time. 

You also know that having a great product or service idea is essential, but knowing how to develop the business to exploit that idea is how you turn an idea into a successful business.

Unfortunately, about 29 percent of entrepreneurs say that the reason they failed was that they ran out of money, Another 42 percent said they could never get to product-market fit. Our program will help you be the exception to those statistics.  

We deliver the information you need, when you need it, to develop your company and do it in an exceptionally affordable way. 

The Perfect Alternative:   A Pricing System Designed To Increase Results and Decrease Costs 


One: Subscribe to our “incubator/accelerator” platform on our website. The subscription fee is only $39 per month, with no contract so you can cancel anytime. This information platform is available 24/7 and covers the critical information areas required to develop your idea into a company. We also add information every week.


Two: If you have a specific question, related to developing the business, that is not covered yet on the platform, with a subsctoiption, you can email us, and we will get you an answer at no additional charge,


Three: We also know that sometimes you need to discuss a situation before you can make a decision. We can help you with this as well. With your subscription, you can go to our Staff-On-Demand page and buy as little as one hour of consulting time or more if you think you will need it. We will set up a time to talk and only charge you for the time used. If you only use ten minutes out your hour, you will still have a credit for the remaining 50 minutes. Think about how much information is given in a TED talk that only lasts from 7 to 18 minutes.


You benefit in many ways from this learn-it, do-it process. You will know every detail about the development process and, consequently, make better decisions. Also, if or when you need outside funding, potential investors, doing their due diligence, will ask you difficult and complicated questions. Your ability to answer quickly and definitively will show that you have the ability to execute your plan. And execution is often a very high priority for investors,  

You get a full year’s subscription to the information you need to develop your business, email answers to your questions at a cost that is truly affordable. 

 You also receive our newsletter and blog at no additional cost. For example, a recent newsletter showed how to get “10 Free Marketing Tools You Can Use to Promote Your Company”. A recent blog talked about “How to begin preparing your story for presentation.” You can use the blog tab above and check out some recent blog posts.  

Staff-On-Demand: How To Get The Talent You Need When You Need It  

Subscribers also have access to our staff-on-deman program where you can get the freelance talent you need at fraction of  traditional pricing, When you have a project like creating a website or writing a blog that you need to have done, and you don’t have anyone in house that can do it, you can use our staff-on-demand, our global network of hundreds of freelancers.  

We will find the right person at the right price for your project.  We get a fixed price, based on the job description, rather than use hourly rated so you know he exact ;rice you will have to pay.. Each freelancer is experienced and has many positive recommendations. We assist you from the beginning through the completion of the project, so you get it done right and on time,

 These freelance jobs are billed separately from the monthly subscription fee. The costs are put on a credit or debit card when you approve the job description and price. However, until the job is completed and approved, the freelancer will not be paid. 

Today, there are freelancers around the world and in every facet of  business including website developers, animators, graphics designers, researchers, copywriters, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), video, and many more. 

Their rates will surprise you. For example, you can get a website built for under a thousand dollars, or get a customized prospect list or logo designed or an article written or many other projects done for a few hundred dollars. One job will save you much more than the yearly subscription fee. When you think about it, this alone makes the subscription-free.

Because you are a subscriber, all you have to do is go to the Staff-On-Demand page and describe your project, and we will get an estimate of the costs and pass that estimate on to you. If you agree with the estimate, we will order the job. There is a separate PayPal system on that page for you to use.

Our goal is your success. We want to help you take your startup from an idea to a successful company as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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