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Before we begin the discussion of strategy, I want to mention the idea of pre-strategy, which I define as the thought process you go through before you start work on your strategy. When you ask yourself why? Why do I want to do this? Many people think that goals or the mission statement are the strategies. Not so. A strategy is how you get to that goal.

If your goal is aspirational like wanting to save the world from global cooling or you are committed to curing cancer in the next five years, that is wonderful. And that aspirational goal will attract other, dedicated people to your cause. But the only way you can reach that goal is with strategy.

If you believe that blue light from your computer is harming your vision, and the product you have invented, eliminates that problem, you will attract other people who believe as you do. But you still need a strategy to sell your product or service.

The only point is that you don’t mistake goals and beliefs with having a strategy.  A strategy is problem-solving. It is about how you accomplish that goal or achieve that dream.


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