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How To Use Your Website to Build  An Enormous eMail List


Encourage visitors who go to your website to signup for your email list and make it easy for them to sign up. In today’s market, you have to build trust before you can convert prospects into customers. One way to do that is with popup displays on one or more pages on your website. It’s easy to do. You can do it yourself and it’s very inexpensive,

You can use popup displays in many ways, to capture names and email addresses. A/B testing of messages, product or service value propositions, and more. The email signups can even go automatically into your mail program (for example Constant Contact or MailChimp).

There is also a lot of analytical information you can get from the program. I use OptinMonster and this information comes from them. Following are some basic things to think about when designing your program,

1 Create a clear, very visible call to action (e.g., email address)

2 Personalize your popups (friendly tone and referral source if you know it, or special segment if the source was targeted).

3 Offer an irresistible incentive (special white paper, informative blog, special price, etc.)

4 Use a design that stands out (but it should also blend into your site because it is your offer,  not some company’s advertisement. 

5 Create popups for desktop and mobile (design for platform-specific campaigns for mobile users are limited to touch controls and bandwidth and certain SEO rules. Also, a lot of mobile users are having negative ideas about ads in general on their mobile dev\ic,

6, Use exit attempt to capture abandoning visitors before they leave (you can convert an additional 2-4% of visitors into email subscribers. (OptinMonster lets you use a mouse to track movement toward the exit and give you another chance to get them to pull the trigger on your call to action. For example, you might have to offer something different, maybe a discount or a case study, or something else the prospect would value.

7 Show your popup ad at the end of your web page or post. Give the visitor plenty of time to evaluate the information on your website. Many times, the popup is limited to appear too quickly before the visitor has time to see what you are offering.

8 Keep your request noticeable with a floating bar. Some popup ads are designed to be floating bars that are always visible, but not hindering their ability to digest the information on your website, But, when they are ready, the opportunity to signup is there.

9 Build a dedicated landing page with a full-screen email popup landing page. You can use large popup ads as landing pages, and rotate different messages for testing purposes, or with additional information in an attempt to turn them into a customer,

10 Create friendly slide-in requests. They don’t appear until the visitor has viewed some of your content. You can determine how long to wait (maximum number of pixels or seconds)

11 Use a welcome gate on your home page. This full-page ad covers the content before the visitor sees what you are offering and some gates actually switch the visitor to another page. Make sure your welcome gate does not switch you to another page as Google will penalize your SEO ranking for this. OptinMonster’s welcome gate keeps the visitor on your page,

12 Ask for visitor feedback. You can also use popup ads to gather information. You can direct the visitor to your contact page or create a popup to ask a question or take a survey.

13 Use progressive profiling like just asking for their email address and later ask for additional information when they are more comfortable with you and your website.

14 Create a plan for new subscribers

A Send a  welcome email series (these email get 85% higher opens), so send several,

B, Send information during the onboarding process to help customers get acclimated and learn more about the benefits of your product or service.   

C. Segmenting your list. Personalized emails will get you much higher transaction rates, but you must segment your list.

There are many different kinds of popup designs and many different ways to use them depending on your needs and marketing strategy.  Ask yourself how you could use these popup ads, and if interested, put a plan together to use them effectively. It does take some time to prepare and develop the materials you offer (blogs, newsletters, white papers, etc.).














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