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Do You Want To Increase Revenues?

If you are like most companies, the answer is yes, of course. Most companies struggle to increase revenues. Plus marketing can be expensive. So if you feel like you are stuck with slow growth, we have some good news.    

We use your story to turn products and services into revenues.

If you are open to new ideas, we would like to show you a better way to increase revenues at significantly lower costs. We do it by creating your company’s core story and better sales messaging. Your story and sales messaging will deliver increased revenues. 

Stories are an incredibly powerful sales tool 

Almost everyone agrees that stories are a powerful and very persuasive way to generate revenue. Stories contain both facts and empathy so people quickly understand your value proposition. Then, facts give them the confidence they need to make the buying decision.

But, you first have to define your core story. Your company’s core story is the essence of the company. It can usually be stated in one sentence. It’s the distillation of the customer’s problem, an insightful solution, and the results and benefits generated from that solution. This is followed by the reasons the company’s solution is better than any of its competitors.

Here are a couple of familiar core stories you will recognize as examples.

Google provides you with the world’s information in one click.

Apple empowers individuals with well-designed, easy to use computers.

Harbor Capital Group creates and turns core-stories into revenues.

Core stories can be expanded from a sentence to a website to a blog to a book.

In addition to an instant understanding of who you are, what you do, and why your product or service is important, people enjoy stories. Stories are interesting, and they keep your attention all the way to your call to action. 

Without a core story, you are basically a commodity competing on price. That’s a tough way to make a living.

Core stories make effective sales messages possible

These core stories also have a built-in way to create better sales messages — regardless of the media used. That’s why better sales messaging is the second way we turn products and services into revenues.

Great design, attractive colors, and lots of innocuous photos may be pleasing, but sales messages are what turns products and services into revenues. We don’t encourage ugly, but we are more concerned with results. Here are two quick examples.

Is your website structured to make sales? Does it tell a story? Are your blog posts compatible with Google’s ranking requirements so you can get to the first or second page on a Google search? Most searchers never get to page three so most posts never get read.

If your product is technical, what about complexity and jargon? Is your message understandable to everyone? When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod, it had an unbelievable storage capacity of 5 gigabytes. No one knew what that really meant, so he made it understandable. He said with this iPod, you can put 1,000 songs in your pocket.  Cheers erupted.

Every product and service has a story that can be turned into revenues. 

Stories can bring you, visitors, convert them into buyers, and increase revenues. Stories are the most persuasive sales tool you have, But, you have to find your story and tell it effectively.  

Three ways you can increase your revenues

If you prefer to learn how to do this work and do the execution yourself, you can subscribe to our internet platform. This will give you the information you need to create your core story and better sales messaging for a very small monthly fee. 

If you prefer to do this work yourself and just want to use us as an advisor, you can do that too. Subscribe to the information platform. Then, set up phone or zoom meetings and you can hire us by the hour.

If you prefer to spend your time working on your business. We can do all the work for you. You can hire us on a consulting basis. Costs determined by what needs to be done.

If you are interested in increasing revenues and would like to talk about your situation, let’s grab a fifteen-minute conversation. Email me at  jzitek@harborcapitalgroupinc.com   to set up a time. or phone me at 612-978-7222

Jim Zitek

Harbor Capital Group creates and turns core-stories into revenues.