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Jim Zitek

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Jim Zitek

Helping businesses increase revenues by identifying the company’s core story (strategy) and sales messaging their marketing strategy is what I love to do.


We increase revenues by identifying a company’s core story (strategy)

and sales messaging their marketing strategy.

At Harbor Capital Group, our mission is to help business owners find success. Whether it’s a startup, professional service, or an operating business that wants to increase revenues at a faster pace.  

We have over 40 years of experience working with many different types of businesses. Plus we have founded four of our own startups, we believe revenues are the best word to defines success.  

To increase revenues, you need to do two things.


First, you have to create a story (strategy) that identifies a customer’s problem, solves that problem, delivers the results and benefits customers’ want. Then, convince them competitors can not deliver better results then your company.

Second, once you have that story, your marketing programs must use sales messaging to deliver those revenues.

Most business people would agree with those two premises. But, getting both of those done takes knowledge, considerable time, and does not fit the job description they originally had for themselves. That’s where we come in. That is our job description. 

We help you identify and create your core story (your strategy) and focuses on a sales messaging marketing program that increases revenues


Creating strategy and marketing communications is essentially what I have been doing since I graduated from the University of Minnesota.

I joined the marketing communications department at Honeywell in 1968. I got the job at Honeywell based on my self-published book. The book was on training bartenders and managers which was how I worked my way through college.

After a few years at Honeywell, I was recruited by Diebold Inc, the bank equipment company. They wanted me to set up the advertising and sales promotion department to introduce their new, electronic security systems.

However, product engineering was going very slowly. So I set up a large demonstration room with three walls of darken glass. When salesmen presented the system the product parts would light up showing how the system worked. 

But, I missed the fun and excitement of working with multiple clients and decided to open my own agency in Minneapolis.


I started my advertising agency, Zitek & Associates, with some great clients. For example, Diebold Inc, in Canton, OH, Xerox Inc in Rochester, NY, and the Donaldson company (air filtration) in Minneapolis.

All good, but big clients wanted bigger agencies. So after a few years, I merged the agency with another agency called Paragon. We became one of the top advertising and Public Relations agencies in the Twin Cities with clients like Pillsbury (Totino’s pizza), NSP (now CenterPoint Energy), Target stores, Cub Foods, Dain Rauscher (regional brokerage firm) and many others. I covered all types of businesses and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Then came the internet and digital became the future. The internet was disrupting everything and I wanted to be part of this revolution. I couldn’t write code, so I joined one of my clients, Dain Rausher as an Investment advisor working primarily with listed securities. But I really liked working with entrepreneurs and new companies. So after a few years I moved to a brokerage firm that worked with startups and smaller, publicly owned growth companies.

That’s where I really witnessed the trials and tribulations of small companies and their struggle to find product-market fit and grow revenues. 

Now, that’s all I want to do. Help companies develop and grow their companies and it’s why I started Harbor Capital Group.


I recently decided to narrow my focus even more and concentrate on the things that companies need to do to survive and grow. The ability to increase revenues by identifying their core story (strategy) and sales messaging their marketing strategy.

Plus, I needed to do one other thing. I needed to create a business model that offered a way different entrepreneurs, professionals and business people wanted to work on getting increased revenues. That’s when we decided to go with the three different ways business people could use us. 

Some they wanted to learn and do the work themselves and do at a price they could afford. So we created the information platform so they could assess the information they need 24/7.

Others wanted to learn themselves but have access to an advisor when the need arises and that they could pay by the hour. That way they could control all their costs.

Others only wanted to spend their time working on their product or service where they could be more effective. So they wanted a consultant who would do the revenue generating work for them. They have that now with our consulting program which is priced based on the task required.


I hope you will become one of our clients and let us help you reach the success level you desire. Who knows, maybe, like Simon Sinek, you would like to replace the word “profits” with the word “freedom” which gives you more incentives. 

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